NSPE Opposes Oregon Bill on Changing Engineering Standards

National Society of Professional Engineers pic
 National Society of Professional Engineers pic
National Society of Professional Engineers
Image: nspe.org

William Pino founded Municipal Lighting Systems, Inc., in Miami, Florida, where he went on to serve the company as president for more than two decades. While at the helm, he led the Miami-based company to annual earnings totaling upwards of $20 million. In addition to his entrepreneurial efforts, William Pino belongs to numerous professional societies, including the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).

A recent news release announced that NSPE joined the Professional Engineers of Oregon in a public stance against proposed legislation permitting Oregon interior design professionals to tackle engineering functions in their commercial projects.

In their statement, the two organizations described the lengthy certification and licensing process that professional engineers undergo. By allowing interior designers to serve in the same capacity by way of a voluntary program, they argued that Oregon lawmakers would undermine the stringent standards by which their engineers abide. That’s why they urged the state’s House members to vote against HB 2153, the legislation in question, to prevent design professionals from performing engineering functions without being licensed pursuant to Oregon law.


Illuminating Engineering Society – 2017 Annual Meeting

Illuminating Engineering Society pic


Illuminating Engineering Society pic
Illuminating Engineering Society
Image: ies.org

William Pino is a longtime lighting professional and president of Main Street Engineering in Miami, Florida. As part of his dedication to lighting engineering and urban lighting systems, Miami’s William Pino is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society.

The Illuminating Engineering Society is dedicated to the art and science of lighting. It offers a wealth of educational resources for lighting professionals, government entities, and professional organizations operating in the world of lighting and illumination. It maintains a special focus on public and municipal applications of outdoor lighting.

The Illuminating Engineering Society holds a conference each year in order to bring lighting professionals together. The 2017 annual conference is themed My Light, and will discuss the impacts of light on human health. This topic is especially important this year, following the widely-publicized American Medical Association announcement about LEDs and blue light.

This year’s keynote speech will be presented by Steven Squyres, a principal scientist for the Mars Exploration Rover Project and Cornell University professor. He will be joined by a variety of experts throughout special seminars, paper presentations, and more.

The 2017 Annual Meeting will be held August 10-12 in Portland. Registration is open now.