Florida Engineering Leadership Institute Enhances Leadership Skills

Florida Engineering Leadership Institute pic


Florida Engineering Leadership Institute pic
Florida Engineering Leadership Institute
Image: eng.ufl.edu

Former Main Street Engineering president and CEO, William Pino founded the Miami, Florida-based company in 2002 and provided electrical consulting engineering for outdoor lighting projects throughout Miami. William Pino maintains membership with the Florida Engineering Society, which elevates engineering professionals to community leaders through the Florida Engineering Leadership Institute.

The Florida Engineering Leadership Institute (FELI) focuses on transforming engineering professionals into leaders and professionals within the state’s societies and workplaces. Its mission serves to advance the Society’s ultimate goal of positioning engineering professionals to shape society on a global scale. Participants will engage in an initial 10-month class that enhances leadership skills and teaches strategies to help them serve the profession and their communities. Additionally, FELI connects participants to a network that spans current and past classes, which also serves as an outreach group to business and community leaders.

FELI consists of six sessions and runs from November through August. Four of the sessions will begin with a Thursday reception and often include optional outings and golf events. The Professional Engineers Legislative Days will host one session, enabling students to observe the Florida government and meet their state representatives. Furthermore, the final session will take place alongside the FES/FICE Annual Summer Conference and Exposition, which includes a graduation ceremony.


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