Three Tips for Learning a New Language

Learning a New Language pic
Learning a New Language pic
Learning a New Language

Longtime lighting professional William Pino served as president of Main Street Engineering and Municipal Lighting Systems in Miami, Florida. Outside of his work in lighting and engineering, William Pino enjoys learning new languages in his Miami-area home. He currently speaks English, Spanish, Greek, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Learning new languages can be fun, rewarding, and very useful. For some people, it can also be difficult. If you are working on a new language, consider the following tips.

1. Be consistent.

The most successful language learners find ways to make their learning a part of their everyday lives. Incorporate daily practices in ways that are fun to you, so you will want to keep trying.

2. Take advantage of technology.

Some people enjoy app-based language learning games such as Duolingo. Others find value in switching their personal electronics, web browser, or social media websites to the new language to help them along.

3. Be willing to make mistakes.

Some research suggests that part of children’s ability to learn new languages stems from their willingness to fail and make mistakes. Play around with your new language. By stepping outside of your linguistic comfort zone, you will advance more quickly.