Miami Rescue Missions Offers Cover Girls Program to Benefit Women

Miami Rescue Mission pic
Miami Rescue Mission pic
Miami Rescue Mission

In his most recent position as president of Florida Lighting & Traffic in Miami, Florida, William Pino ensured that his efforts toward sales, promotion, and marketing within the company led to securing contracts that further grew the business. When he is not involved with work, William Pino donates to the Miami Rescue Mission.

The Miami Rescue Mission offers several programs that benefit those who are homeless or live in underserved communities with limited resources in the Miami area. One of the programs the mission offers is known as Cover Girls, which provides mentorship for women and girls who may be experiencing issues such as an abusive home life.

Cover Girls helps these individuals by letting them know they are not alone. Members who offer assistance to women and girls may be involved in activities such as being a mentor, providing financial help through the program, and sharing their successes, such as landing a job or celebrating a birthday. These individuals meet with their mentees at least two times a month.